FOOW? (Fish Out Of Water?, LLC) is a professional development company committed to providing unique Workplace and Career Solutions to Companies and Business Professionals experiencing Leadership, Employee and Career Management challenges. Our mission is to help you combine Professional Success and Personal Growth by meeting you where you are.

Is it You? the Job? or Both? are the Questions we can help YOU answer. Transitioning from where you are to where you need to go isn’t easy and FOOW? is here to help with the journey. We offer support with the inherent anxiety that comes with transitioning …whether it is from:

  • College to the Workplace
  • Employed to Unemployed
  • Unemployed to Employed
  • Job Satisfaction to Discontentment
  • Discontentment to Job Satisfaction
  • Non-Leadership position to becoming a Leader
  • Disengaged to Engaged Employees

We offer a variety of services that add value to your personal, professional and company success through tailored, engaging and interactive programs whether you are saying What Now! Or Now What? in your career or workplace.

Our workplace services include solutions for First-Time Managers, Swinking Managers (Swinking- not quite swimming, not quite sinking), Corporate Teambuilding, Employee Engagement and Lunch & Lead Development Sessions.

Our Career Services include Next Step planning for Professionals & Companies in Transition, Job Searching Strategy Sessions, Workshops for College Seniors, Alumni and Professionals exploring Career Direction & Discontentment.

In other words, FOOW? is the place to Answer the Now What? in your career!

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