If you are fishing for answers to your Now What?, FOOW?’s Career Development Services can ‘meet you where you are’ whether you are employed, unemployed or somewhere in-between.

Our Job Searching Strategy and Assessment Session includes…

  • Job Preparation through Job Searching and the Interviews in-between…
  • Resume Review
  • Resume Development or Editing
  • Cover Letter Development
  • Job Searching Strategies
  • Interview Preparation (pre & post analysis)

Our Next Step Planning explores…

“Are you satisfied with your current job/career?”
Personal Skills & Career Assessment/Exploration
What’s not working for you right now?
Next Step Strategy

Our Pink Slip Strategy Session examines…
Your Now What? due to sudden unemployment:
Reviews the gap between You’re Hired & You’re Fired!
Pink Slip Assessment— Why You?, Why Now? Now What? ⇒ Transition Strategy

It all starts and end with YOU. No matter where you go, there YOU are.

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