Is It You? The Job? Or Both?

You may have career angst when you can’t stop questioning where you are…

Why am I dissatisfied?

Am I ready for something new?

Why am I downsized…again?

Loving the job, hating the money?

Hating the job, loving the money?

Not quite swimming, not quite sinking?

Learn what’s holding you back and why at FOOW?’s Now What?  Workshop!


End the personal and professional floundering by Identifying and Answering your Now What?  questions.

You’ll explore, you’ll network—and you’ll have fun, swimming in the waters of introspection. Our past attendees will tell you…Testimonials

Rise to your career challenges by diving into FOOW?’s interactive workshops and Experiencing creative career solutions whether you are a Young Alumni, Seasoned Professional or Somewhere In-Between.

If you would like to expand your Professional Development options, contact us to facilitate a workshop where you can answer the questions and question the answers to your NOW WHAT?