What is the biggest leadership challenge you are facing today?

FOOW?’s Corporate Services focus on Culture, Engagement and Developing Leaders while emphasizing Personal Responsibility. Our Tailored, Creative and Interactive services support:

First-Time Managers who are feeling unprepared

Managers struggling in their leadership role

Swinking® Managers who are not quite swimming and not quite sinking in their current position.

On-Site “Office Hour” Sessions that provide individual career coaching in the workplace

Corporate Team Building– our Interactive Teambuilding Services that can help Leaders answer…

Who are the people working for you and what do they want?

Why did they choose to work at your organization?

Are they engaged enough to contribute to the team goals?

Engaging Disengaged and Discontented Employees

Our Team Engagement Series improves team building with our Brown Bags, Lunch & Lead Sessions and Workshops to facilitate:

Team Introductions
Team Development

Team Communications Issues
Disengaged Teams

If you need to improve your Leadership skills or engage your Team beyond “You’re Hired!” contact us at corporateservices@foowater.com or 703-777-3806.